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DOOH  Digital Out Of Home



In 2014 the world will be consuming and creating more content than ever before. Reaching the broadest number of consumers, television has been the frontrunner for years. However recently the explosion of screen based devices means our daily information flow contains screens in aeroplanes, taxis, ATM Machines, computer games, let alone mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.



It’s  a   multi screen   world.



With content focused on the ‘big four’ (TV, computer, tablet and smart phone) in 2014 DOOH is poised to become a major player and it is time to think creatively about the evolving digital outdoor landscape and its potential to deliver arresting and powerful marketing “firsts”.



Ripper Digial was created by the coming together of three disciplines, creative, marketing communications and technical. 



how  it  works.



You tell us your goals and objectives..... we will work to provide an effective digital communication solution to meet your needs.



We can install screens, audio and interactive devices of all types including video walls up to 100m sq, projectors, 3D displays, LED outdoor displays as well as many custom technologies, we can then create the content for you and in turn control and schedule that content to your entire installed base globally, real time.



Ripper Digital has the ability to be a turnkey provider however, we can supply the hardware and/or software and/or content or work on a fixed price consultancy basis as required, we are completely customer focused and flexible in our business model, to meet customers varying needs in different markets.




Digital signage is only limited by your imagination


  • Live engaging content updated instantly


  • More effective communication, increasing brand awareness and ROI.


  • Advertising- creating additional revenue and added value.


  • Sales uplift of advertised products


  • Brand building- building brand identity and underpinning your location as a market leader.


  • Influencing customer behavior – directing customers to different areas and route to purchase.


  • Enhancing customer experience – applications include the reduction of perceived wait time in the waiting areas of restaurants, bars and queues.


  • Full motion video, static and live rss feeds- weather, traffic, news, twitter.


  • Menu information – pricing, photos, ingredients, and other information about the food(s) being offered, including nutritional facts.


  • Powerfully engaging the public as they navigate the venue. 

Content is king.


Content can be stored on the servers or sourced from anywhere on the web and delivered by a simple drag-and-drop to any display on the system, wherever it may be in the world.


The content can be static, such as photos, or generated on the fly, such as database-driven web pages or live pictures from webcams. The formats currently supported include HTML, PPT, PDF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP & TIFF, MOV, MPEG-4, H.264, Windows Media videos (.WMV) and Flash. Other content types are added regularly.


The system also gives you easy connectivity to generic iCal-format calendars, RSS newsfeeds and photocasts, as well as to specific services like Flickr and Facebook.


The web service supports a number of sophisticated yet easy-to- use functions, included complex scheduling, detailed reporting, and smart playlists. Our built-in template system makes it easy for busy administrators to update information that is always on- brand and on message. Playlists can be created that mix different kinds of content and schedules allow calendar-based control of the system. All content can easily be added and managed by nontechnical users.


Reporting capabilities gives you visibility of exactly what content has been displayed and for how long, and enables the creation of summary or detailed reports.


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